Well, tһе phone rang, I аחѕwеrеԁ іt, ticced Ɩіkе crazy, tһеח tһουɡһt wһу חοt record Rick Astley’s classic track ‘Never gonna give уου up’

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25 Responses to “Tourettes Karaoke Rick Astley’s ‘Never gonna give you up’”
  1. Breeeeettttt says:

    At least his “fucks” are in rhythm.

  2. MissOwsi78 says:

    Dude, you rock!!

  3. HimeTakamura says:

    did I just get tourette rolled?

  4. MadeinFinlanda says:

    Never gonna give you a FUCK :-D
    Inside we both FUCK OFF :-D

  5. RenameDKev says:

    respect :) its not funny you have my respect for this

  6. MrRdyh1963 says:

    dude you rock. all joking aside ,i’ve checked out your other videos .you’ve got talent. thanks bro

  7. hoosky1143 says:

    1:25 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. cometoanend says:


  9. nigga0123 says:

    he has Tourrete sindrom ._.

  10. guilhermecolichini says:

    Fuck feeling…

    hauhauha Hilarious

  11. jun1p3r says:

    This is my fave version of this song :D

  12. dh400 says:

    Can u do tourettes by navarna ? Pretty please

  13. CrAzYaPe says:

    Fair fucks man!!

  14. TheFozzie24 says:

    Top man, full kudos for not letting it get to you!

  15. cake487 says:

    I Really don’t laugh but i LOL¬¬

  16. lolkingofthemasters says:

    when he upload it he don´t wonder when some people laugh

  17. Menolifee says:

    Never gonna give you a FUCK

  18. LaleArpaci says:

    I really don’t want to laugh.

  19. harrisontheskater says:

    You’re a legend, keep it up!

  20. Erniebins says:

    your are star mate

  21. BERBarros says:

    1:20 – 1:25 “and if you ask me how I FUUUCK”

  22. nowexit says:


    The ability to laugh at one’s self – just complete genius and the funniest thing I’ve seen on Youtube this month. Brilliant up-load man.

    Much fuck fuck arse respect! We want more!

  23. muxuxu says:

    1:13 – 1:17 : ” Inside we both know what’s the fuck going on”. lol! xD

  24. Crazybenjiwoo says:


  25. basslover1100 says:


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