Mу sons Zech аחԁ һіѕ lil’ brother Tyler іח tһеіr Optimus Prime аחԁ Bumblebee costumes. Zechary һаѕ Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please, support Autism Society οf America аחԁ Autism Speaks. Thanks tο everyone fοr уουr support.

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25 Responses to “Transformers Babies”
  1. DeltaSilver88 says:

    I have Asperger’s myself so I know exactly what autism is like. Autistic kids can be really fun to be around, especially if they’re high-functioning like Tobias (kid I met during an autistic spectrum disorder meeting).

    They seem to have so much fun here, makes me wish my nephew liked Transformers.

  2. Tuscuttar says:

    My friend’s brother also has autism, I do feel sorry for him and your son. It doesn’t make them any less human afterall!

  3. XxcitruscutiexX says:

    hey its kayla.. aaaaaw how cute lol deffinatly 5 stars for adorable kids!!!

  4. aarontaylor94 says:


  5. jon3pnt0 says:

    thanks for the apology. considerate it accepted.

  6. mAndAngel says:

    I love my boys!! They are so cute!

  7. ThemanonlyknownasTom says:


  8. transfan216 says:

    i havnt even met him! but he looks like a great kid!

  9. jon3pnt0 says:

    i love you two both too!

  10. jon3pnt0 says:

    That is so true. He is a very special little boy. Every one who meets him and gets to know him falls in love with him. :)

  11. DarkDranzer88 says:

    That’s fantastic that he’s so ahead, when I was his age my mind frame was behind everyone else’s (except for drawing) didn’t kick it until I was older.

    So far I think Zechary’s proving everyone in the family or anywhere else that he isn’t “retarded” if he’s reading ahead of everyone else. Then again we’re all strong in at least one area of learning. :D

    I’d say he’s lucky he was diagnosed at an early age, I didn’t get diagnosed until later in life and it’s been difficult for me socialising.

  12. mAndAngel says:

    Oh I’m sorry DarkDranzer88…yeah some of our family has called or still call Zechary retarded. He actually tested way above on all the tests. He reads on a 2nd grade level.

  13. transfan216 says:

    yor welcome!

  14. mAndAngel says:

    Thanks transfan. Not a whole lot of ppl understand ASD. Or what the parents have to learn. We have learned so much from Zechary. He is a our special angel…God sent him to us. We love him very much. =-D

  15. DarkDranzer88 says:

    It wasn’t really that bad, it was mainly just name calling (I only ever got into one fight and got my arse kicked) and given how I overreact to some situations I sort of deserved it (I was a rather difficult person to get along with). I was like that when I was his age (primary school was kinder to me than high school was).

  16. DarkDranzer88 says:

    Exactly, just do it whenever you feel like it not whenever everyone else wants you to do it. That’s how I roll as well ;)

  17. transfan216 says:


  18. transfan216 says:

    yeah! i know how how zech feels! i have add & adhd! people call me a freak sometimes but i just ingore them! i hope your family has agreat life!

  19. jon3pnt0 says:

    glad to know someone who understands what we’re going through from personal experience. i’m sorry for how badly you must have been treated. Zech got tested early and everyone at his school seems to really know him and like him. he still has his outbursts and doesn’t always follow a “lesson plan” but he’s getting used to a structured environment.

  20. jon3pnt0 says:

    we are too but it is just something we have to learn to be able to deal with. there is really no one way to “deal” with Autism… every case is like a snowflake in how unique and different each is from another. we take it one step at a time, day by day, hoping that one day he will grasp how to control himself and function normally in society. :)

  21. jon3pnt0 says:

    the pressure, man! THE PRESSURE!!!! LOL! i’ll do it when i’ve got the time and the mood strikes me.

  22. transfan216 says:

    i’m sorry that zech has autism!

  23. DarkDranzer88 says:

    Don’t worry you’ll get there eventually, it’s usually the last part of something that’s the hardest. No rush and no pressure :)

  24. DarkDranzer88 says:

    No problem, I used to face the ol’ “retard” comments at high school (before I officially got diagnosed with autism) so I know how it felt :)

  25. jon3pnt0 says:

    my legitimate excuse is that i’m not happy with my script for part 4. and if it ain’t funny, i ain’t gonna do it. waiting for the creative lightning to strike.

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