Tһіѕ іѕ Tyler mу 4 year οƖԁ son wһο һаѕ recently bееח diagnosed wіtһ Autism spectrum disorder. Hе іѕ ѕһοwіחɡ one οf tһе traits οf autism here, hand flapping.

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3 Responses to “Tyler hand flapping”
  1. gprifti12 says:

    the ckingsmith
    if your son have sings of autism you have to go to the school district in your town. you have to push this people. time is something you dont have. betwen 3 and 5 is the best time to benefit from aba. i have ben calld from the school uncivil rude and worse but i got the best for my aleksandra. there is no shame on fighting for your son man. good luck you going to ned it.

  2. bozzykinz says:

    Tyler went to a joint assessment clinic with speech and language therepist, child psychologist and a paedeatrician … he got his diagnosis there and then. You should push for joint assessment clinic they really know their stuff. good luck xx

  3. TheCkingsmith says:

    my son who’s laos 4 does this to, he has been undergoing ASD tests for about a year. However, we keep hitting a brick wall with his statement. It’s the hardest thing to prove in a child iI am told as there are so many varying degrees, but going forward his education and development is worrying me, I fear without the statement we won’t get the help he’s certainly going to need, i don’t want him labeled the naughty kid and put to the back of the class.

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