Tһіѕ раrt discusses Autism information аѕ іt relates tο tһіѕ vaccine. AƖƖ vaccine information іѕ frοm “Tһе Vaccine Book” bу Dr. Sears. Tһе Autism information wаѕ obtained frοm multiple sources wһісһ I don’t remember. If уου really want tһе source οf a сеrtаіח statistic οr fact, please аѕk mе аחԁ I wіƖƖ find wһеrе tһе information came frοm.

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19 Responses to “Vaccinations – The MMR Vaccine and Autism – Part 2”
  1. peaches927 says:

    @InformationMommy I wasn’t really offended. I just like to clear up misconceptions. Autism is not the end of the world and I hope that people realize that. Thanks for the apology nonetheless. :)

  2. InformationMommy says:

    @peaches927 I am so sorry, I really never meant to offend. Honestly. I really think people that have autistic children are totally amazing and I think those children are amazing as well… you guys work so hard !!

  3. peaches927 says:

    @peaches927 continued… I was going to say that it’s difficult sometimes, but it can be very rewarding as well. Also, it’s hard to be a parent no matter what. I love my son the way he is. He was born different and if he were offered a cure tomorrow, I would turn it down because he just wouldn’t be him anymore. I hope that makes sense.

  4. peaches927 says:

    This was a good video and I have enjoyed all of your vaccine videos. Very informative and factual. The only thing I would change about this video is the part at the end about autism being so horrible and not wishing it on your worst enemies child. I am a very proud mother of a child on the Autism spectrum and I have a very close friend who’s son has classic Autism. Autism is not a tragedy. These kids are awesome and they have both taught me so much. It’s difficult sometimes, but it can be

  5. mrsmommy81 says:

    @InformationMommy I agree.

  6. InformationMommy says:

    @sweeteilatan I know, some of that stuff can be really scary and lots of those videos are not based on real facts. And you are right, Autism is something that is coded in your genes… if it’s going to happen it will happen whether you get a vaccine or anything. I have a friend that I swear is Autistic… you just know with people

  7. sweeteilatan says:

    I saw a couple videos on youtube right before my daughter was scheduled to go in and get her MMR shot and it scared the crap out of me. It took me a few months to realize i had nothing to be afraid of. If your child is going to have autism it will happen. I have a friend who’s moms middle child has autism and she swears she knew in the whom that their was something different with him.

  8. papercandles says:

    @LivestrongH2: I have heard of this. There were no official studies done to this point. There is a study going to be done on this. Right now it’s speculation. Someone just got the idea of “what if pitocin causes autim” so it went up from there. I wouldn’t take any stock into it at this time.

  9. LivestrongH2 says:

    @InformationMommy I agree. After the class my husband was like “what the hell was she talking about with the petocin and autism….that was really random”. I’m like, I KNOW! You don’t just blurt stuff out like that and then casually move on to the next topic of birthing class. It was really odd and out of place.

  10. InformationMommy says:

    @LivestrongH2 I have never ever heard of that in all of the studies that I looked at. I just saw my doctor for Porter’s 6 month visit and she said that they are really close to finding the exact gene sequence that the root cause for autism. I haven’t been able to find anything on that to back it up though… I wish people wouldn’t falsely spread information without facts to back it up

  11. InformationMommy says:

    @holdendmb I tihnk the delayed schedule works really well for lots of people. Good for you for still choicing to vaccainte !

  12. InformationMommy says:

    @jmu4832 You are so welcome !

  13. LivestrongH2 says:

    At my birthing class over a month ago, the class instructor/midwife randomly mentioned that there might be a link between autism and use of petocin at birth. She didn’t elaborate whatsoever or give any references. She just mentioned it is being studied and she believed they would find some correlation there. I had never heard of this at all. Have you?

  14. holdendmb says:

    I really appreciate you doing these video’s! People are so scared about getting their children vaccinated, but knowledge is POWER! Personally I am delaying the MMR shot on my now 16 month old, it’s getting done on several different visit’s. Just to be 100% certain. I don’t think it’s necessary but we just felt more comfortable not doing it all in one day.

  15. jmu4832 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these vaccine videos…very informative, and they have made me that much more confident about vaccinating my son :)

  16. InformationMommy says:

    @Alilindsay10 Make sure to read the book I use as well… but I am glad I could be of help.

  17. InformationMommy says:

    @mina247 Do not feel bad… I personally think everyone that continues to avoid vaccinations are the people that are putting the rest of the population at risk

  18. Alilindsay10 says:

    Thank you so much Jen, for all your information. I am currently at College and I have to write about vaccines and how they could affect children and you have made it so much easier.

  19. mina247 says:

    Great video! I hate when people make me feel like a horrible mother for getting MY child vaccinated!

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