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12 Responses to “(Video #2) Aspergers From My Perspective”
  1. InTheEyeOfAspergers says:

    @tatteredreverie No problem Linda, and again, if you have a question, ask me! Thank you so much! Good Luck :)

    ~ Jonah

  2. tatteredreverie says:

    @InTheEyeOfAspergers You’re very welcome and you’re so lovely that we really can’t thank you enough. :) – Linda.

  3. InTheEyeOfAspergers says:

    @tatteredreverie Your so Welcome! I hope you both are starting to understand eachother in a way for you guys that can communicate beter! I will start focusing on the facial expressions, I have a problem with that, I do stuff I don’t mean to, that will be in my next video! Again, hope you guys keep watching, and thanks for the support! Good Luck!

    ~ Jonah

  4. InTheEyeOfAspergers says:

    @projectCDTA Okay, than k you for the support! I will check out your channel! :)

  5. InTheEyeOfAspergers says:

    @jjazman1234 hahah ok thanks lol

  6. InTheEyeOfAspergers says:

    @thememandlaurashow Thank You haha

  7. tatteredreverie says:

    3. to read facial expressions at the same time as listening to what someone’s saying? M finds that she gets too focused on one or the other, mostly trying to read the expressions, and then she doesn’t hear what the person’s talking about. We’re wondering if it gets better with practice and becomes easier like say, driving? (Bad analogy, lol sorry). And again thank you so, so much from both of us! x

  8. tatteredreverie says:

    2. certain someone got angry with her and said she HAD to look, so now she’s having trouble figuring out how often to look. I can get a bit of a glimpse of what it would be like when I think about making eye contact consciously. It’s sort of like when you think about breathing consciously, and how you kind of “stop” if you don’t keep breathing consciously, but then it goes back to an unconscious thing when you get distracted. Sorry again for the rambling but I was wondering if you’re able to

  9. tatteredreverie says:

    1. Thank you so, so much for your answer! :) I found it a lot easier to understand/relate to what you were saying, especially when you mentioned closing your eyes when you’re anxious and In My Place (beautiful song, if the lyrics are significant to you I am starting to see what it might be like to have AS). My g/f used to have trouble making eye contact too, and like you she’d get distracted (if there’s too much background noise she has difficulty concentrating too) by other things, but then a

  10. thememandlaurashow says:

    Good job, baby. I am very proud of you.

  11. projectCDTA says:

    @InTheEyeOfAspergers Thank you for sharing the video. :) I subscribed. I have LD and Dyscalculia. You are truly a great guy. Keep the head held high. Have a wonderful day. God bless.

    If you like, please check out my channel. Tell me what you think.

  12. jjazman1234 says:

    You do kind of look like Jake. Mostly your chin and your eyes.

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