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17 Responses to “Viktor before and after HBOT”
  1. maryellen728 says:

    I met a young man who was in a coma after a severe brain injury when he started treatment with Dr. Paul Harch.

    We had a nice long conversation a few weeks ago. He looks and sounds pretty good for what other doctors considered a hopeless case.

  2. fruohman says:

    HBOT is pure oxygen….Hyperbaric oxygen therapy!! It is fantastic, I hope you have seen the third movie about Viktor. It is great =)

  3. fruohman says:

    Yes I think so and everyone that meet him think so =) …But his diagnose say something else…..

  4. IntelligentCreature says:

    oh…i see HBOT is a medicine….

    duh….i was not sure at the beginning…i will look more into this….

    BTW…i’m glad your child is changing…

    with peace

  5. IntelligentCreature says:

    this young man must be high functioning

  6. diatplay says:

    Hbot starts on Monday. I keep coming back to this video for hope. Matt is 3 1/2 now, “autism” and no formed stools in almost 2years. Emma,18 mo none since DTap. Both are improving, but the gut issues remain. Did Viktor have gut issues? Any special diet or other things during HBot? Thanks. Diane

  7. ihastings says:

    Dr. Harch in New Orleans is an authority on hyperbaric oxygen treatment. He wrote a book about it called the Oxygen Revolution.

  8. assert says:

    I can’t even speak right now, you have made up my mind, I’m getting this done for my child, no matter how much it costs! This is gonna be a cure in about a year but I can’t wait that long, I’m going for it

  9. naja911 says:

    What a lovely boy!!! I am so glad HBOT has been successuful for you!

  10. alxflxmx says:

    Simply amazing. Hope your kid continues to improve.

  11. fruohman says:

    Thank you! I will soon translate video number 2 right now you can see it in Swedish. He is now really interested in playing with other children. It is fantastic.
    Mrs Ohman

  12. jeannecant says:

    What a great video! Thanks for sharing your story with the world. Viktor is a beautiful boy and obviously improved after his HBOT treatments.

  13. fruohman says:

    The chamber is a hard one. 1,5 atmosphere.
    Good luck to You and your family :)

  14. fruohman says:

    The chamber is a hard one. 1,5 atmosphere.
    Good luck to You and your family :)

  15. kataspilla says:

    well done Inger.. It was lovely to have met you both in Turkey. Good luck to Viktor, there was definatly a tear in my eye just watching this clip. Special thanks to Dr Cem and think positive.

  16. nvbshb says:

    I am sooo happy for You and Your son!I like the song that You use in the video:).Can You tell me if this was hard or mild chamber.We have only 7 dives in mild chamber And I hope that one day We can See so much improvements like You !

  17. thrillcats says:

    Thanks for posting this video. It’s very interesting to see children from different countries. Viktor really improved after treatments. His socialization is amazing.

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