Tһе original video іѕ 12 minutes long, bυt ѕіחсе youtube now οחƖу allows clips οf 10 minutes οr less, I’ve divided іt іחtο 2 раrtѕ.

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25 Responses to “vlog 27: Aspergers, autism, and my childhood, Part I”
  1. Ilovecats112233 says:

    I’m very lucky to be English where I don’t even have to pay for a diagnosis. I had never heard of Asperger’s when my psychiatrist brought it up one day. My parents had heard of it because Mum is a teaching assistant and had worked with boys on the spectrum. I was diagnosed at the age of fourteen. You’ve worked hard to be a better person and deserve some credit. Well done!

  2. dynasue77 says:

    I’m a 35 year old Australian lady with Asperger’s syndrome and went through much the same thing. The bullying and abuse I experienced because of it was terrible. This lady is very brave and honest about the condition and tells it as it is.

  3. gorramdoll says:

    agreed on most counts
    but mostly, the way you talk is just so beautiful, it’s nice to listen to.

  4. mokkshaa says:

    Many people are forced to self-diagnose because of the refusal of many health professionals to help adults on the spectrum. Your official diagnosis is a gift and a blessing; I had to fight and claw for mine. That does not make me any less autistic, just someone who fell through the cracks of a very flawed system.

  5. UniqueMJPT says:

    Please check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  6. scottishflame1 says:

    i have aspergers (diagnosed). and ur videos are confusing me. you contradict yourself. and who are you trying to convince? there is no one here that will diagnose you. i dont know – something just isnt right. whats the point of researching it fully and self diagnosing. end of the day, you will just convinse yourself that you have it… what this actually sounds like is OCD (if anything at all….) and what are you trying to prove?

  7. champagnevoluptuous says:

    I can relate to the not wanting to be friends with anyone, and to just be alone, and then cry for long periods of time because I felt so lonely but didn’t know why. I was probably 9 or 10 when I was like that. I always prefered adults to children. I just wanted my playmates down the street to go away because I thought Cabbage Patch Dolls and Barbies were for younger children, even though they weren’t. I did better playing by myself with Legos.

  8. geraldinemorrow says:

    Check out Alex Juno, a gifted pianist, parts one and two, talking positively about his Asperger Diagnosis

  9. morumotto says:

    OMG, my life story right there. I love you!!!!

  10. akai454 says:

    Wow, that’s some thing that I forgot about my child hood, I didn’t like being around kids my own age, I always liked hanging out with adults because they were more mature and more predictable than kids, thanks for reminding me about that. Take care woman and be strong. KYLE

  11. adrishelton says:

    sybeve said:
    I thought everyone could read backwards & upside down!.

    I can either! ^^ and i can write in that way also ^^
    Ps. im am an aspie =p

  12. amamw1 says:

    You’ve got winsome eyes, really :)

  13. sybeve says:

    I thought everyone could read backwards & upside down! (that’s 4 Krazy above). Until I found out everyone can’t! WOW did I ever RELATE 2 your video!!! WOW do we have a LOT in common… oh… and I’ve also been working on me for over 30 years… I’m 47. THANK you for your videos!

  14. cooliegirl14 says:

    you sound just like me.except i am 14.
    i’m very introverted and enjoy talking to myself rather than other people.

  15. krazykritik says:

    I apologize..I think I meant this comment for another video on autism I watched..I hear nothing..please understand my attempt at humour regardless..autistic humour seems to hae a surrealistic existence all its own..your forgiveness and understanding is begged for..keep up your stand for who you are..we all make errors every single day..I still owe someone a reconstructive rhinoplasty because of my temperamental misunderstandings..best wishes and God Bless..Mike from Canada..

  16. anamomda says:

    Hmm, not sure what the noise was.
    Since this video was recorded in August, it might be a dehumidifier.

  17. anamomda says:

    Thanks, Doug.
    Sorry high school was so painful for you.

  18. mulonzee877 says:

    I can definetely relate to everything you saud. i too have friendship problems. I’ve never been able to connect with people very wel. I was always considered wierd and different by my peers. This led to me being bullied throughout highschool. I’m glad that their finally some ppl I can relate to. You’re very inspiring to me and other aspergians out there. Thanks for sharing your


  19. krazykritik says:

    diagnosed with..bipolar..ocd..borderline personality..schizoaffective..schizophrenia..panic anxiety..clinical depression..stress onset tourette’s syndrome..disassociative identity..etc..suffer from symptoms of all of them..have none of those disorders..have autism..cope magnificently..do not sleep..read and write forwards and backwards perfectly..I respect your courage but one thing..next time you record a video..annihilate the item that makes that noise in your background..God Bless..Mike..

  20. Tweeny83 says:

    Hey!! I have watched your videos and have done a videoresponse on this vlog! I can relate to everything! I am 24 and have Aspergers syndrome!

  21. anamomda says:

    I don’t know what that is.

  22. corganite7 says:

    your experiences were quite similar to mine..

  23. erlover100 says:

    do you have FAS?

  24. cosmanthony21 says:

    I cant see you in a bad way. The label means nothing, you just seem so pure.

  25. auti87 says:

    I understand what u said about everything about being a big piece of work. I have asperger syndrome as well. And as a kid I was totally different from the rest and I didnt understand other people, despite that my autism was late diagnosed. It hurts to be late diagnosed, sometimes I think the people didnt cared about me then. I have no best friends either, only social contacts at school wich is going oke as long its in school and not outside

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