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21 Responses to “vlog 32.2: autism, Aspergers, and navel-gazing”
  1. anamomda says:

    Insightful comment.

  2. erynbagby says:

    Our personalities and reality are mostly based on our nuerology. If you are convinced you are aspergers, then it is not highly unlikely. The most important thing is that you gain an understanding of how you think. The latest and gratest theory, from what I understand, is that aspergers represents around 1% – 2% of the population; and not 1 in 150 or so as you see on the internet a lot. Those on the milder end can be difficult to recognize, especially if they are intelligent (compensation).

  3. kingofmonkeyfolk says:

    I used to do just about anything to avoid the school lunchroom. It was just way too chaotic for me. I think I was in my HS lunchroom for 5 minutes, ONCE, for the entire four years. I would chew my own leg off first.

  4. anamomda says:

    Thank you for commenting.

  5. anamomda says:

    No need to establish Aspie “street cred” — I like that.

  6. anamomda says:


  7. mugawit68 says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is a delicate subject. You are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. I feel as you seem to, that I somehow made it through to the other side of Asperger’s. That is not to say that I out grew it, but that I learned how to adapt. My Aspie skill seems to be observation of social frameworks and I used that info over the years to build a few tenuous friendships, gain employment, a bride, and father my own lil aspie. It is a hard life.

  8. zeichner42 says:

    I don’t think you have to establish your Aspie “street cred” – you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced & feel what you feel. We all learn to cope (to one degree or another) – but just because you can cope, doesn’t mean that it isn’t still hard for you. I’m right about where you are in this video – examining my life & realizing how everything suddenly makes sense within the framework of AS. Rock on!!!

  9. jtred31 says:

    you are a great person and your eyes are luvly :)

  10. thelucidreamer says:

    That’s ok. That’s how life should be. It will return to you when you need it.

  11. anamomda says:

    I wish I could tell you the answer is yes, but truthfully, I’m busy in so many new directions right now that lucid dreaming just isn’t a big priority – especially since I need deep, restful sleep more and more these days!

  12. anamomda says:

    Tears of relief…yes.

  13. thelucidreamer says:

    hmm…although i now realise that you make videos on various things, your comments on lucid dreaming are interesting. Don’t you wonder about the next level?

  14. H0D0NKAIN says:

    You’re very attractive by the way.
    I had to add that ;)

  15. H0D0NKAIN says:

    I have Aspergers and I sounded a lot like you.
    You may have Aspergers. I have good eye contact and seem very normal around people. When I found out that I have Aspergers it was a great relief for me to finally understand “how I was different”. It brought a tear to my eyes as well when I found out. Tears of relief. There was a name for it and there were people out there like me.

  16. anamomda says:

    Becoming active in theatre and performing on stage helped me tremendously. Pretending to be someone else can be enormously freeing.

  17. anamomda says:

    “I not only learned many of the things I do in society that look “normal”, but its taken me most of my life to learn it!”

    Exactly. Blending-in enough to not seem like a freak while still maintaining your own unique edge is hard work!

  18. anamomda says:


  19. CreddyEddy says:

    You do make good video’s.

    I remember having the same fear of people even at a university level. It wouldn’t manifest itself as a physical fear, but as an abject inability to connect with an audience. I would only be able to stick to the script and make contact with one audience member who would obviously get kinda peaved.

  20. yackityyacityyack says:

    You make great videos. I’ve been accused of the same thing. “Well he’s looking right at the camera therefore he must not have AS.” I not only learned many of the things I do in society that look “normal”, but its taken me most of my life to learn it!

  21. AspieHospitesMundi says:

    I can identify with you and truly I think you are very informed and I can identify with you. I enjoy watching your videos.

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