Walgreens hires a better workforce!

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25 Responses to “Walgreens Rocks!!!”
  1. randir14 says:

    Why do they have a sign with the word “them” crossed out?

  2. TheJman6360 says:

    As long as there are white trash and niggers in the US there will always be walgreens and walmarts around!!!!!

  3. vincentrich says:


  4. ebarnes419 says:

    fuck randy lewis and Richard Avery!

  5. thewritingofmatthew says:


  6. KasinH says:

    Warms my heart.

  7. iadknee says:

    GOOD JOB WALGREENS!!! even people with special needs can take part in the ECONOMY! shame on those loser who fake their illnesses to collect MONEY FROM THE GOVT.

  8. SpoonGoonKay says:

    0:41 Assburger syndrome? o.O

  9. 1200rocky says:

    thats funny because walgreens was around about 60 years before walmart.

  10. millionareteenage says:

    why is everybody so negative? these people seem genuinely happy with their jobs

  11. littledarlingsarah says:

    it’s a store/pharmacy.
    they sell pretty much everything.. electronics, make-up, medication, kid’s toys, craft stuff, food, and a load of other stuff. :)
    I ♥ Walgreens.

  12. fritzvongarrett says:

    WALGREENS, what a joke, just
    more JEWS ripping people off because of their illnesses. Ever look at their prices? Makes you sick just looking at their prices. I hate these filth of society who make money and BIG MONEY off from other human beings sufferings. They should all be executed.

  13. celeronRS2 says:

    fake wallmart!!

  14. mrcoffeerush says:

    what the hell is walgreens??

  15. matt304671 says:

    Yeah I bet they pay them good too.
    Didn’t mention the fat tax credits Walgreens gets for hiring the disabled.
    Half of them are disabled because of the perscriptions their mothers took.

  16. jongwoonkim says:

    in los angeles, we do not have gates at the metro station. so i guess you can steal free rides too. smart man.

  17. WH1T3P0W3RFTW says:

    haha i steal so much from walgreens it’s so easy! those fuckers don’t even watch the cameras!

  18. frekijsimpson says:


  19. TheYTbiatch says:

    If your 2 year old is crying non-stop with an ear infection you’d be desperate. And because I have a point you accuse me of whining? LOL! What do you work for good ‘ol Wally World?And speaking of whining you’ve posted the same comment on several videos if anyone is whining it’s you.

  20. frekijsimpson says:

    I’m never that desperate for an Rx. You can always get it the next day. Quit Whining Already!!!!

  21. TheYTbiatch says:

    That’s great walk in with a new script and let me know what happens.

  22. cant9562 says:

    shinjig… I should have said Walgreens doesN’t care about ANYBODY. As far as corporate being laxed, my spouse is really stressed out with all the work dumped on him. It’s not because he doesn’t know what he is doing. He has years of experience. He stays over every night and even goes in on Saturdays on his own dime and gasoline (we live quite a ways away.) Yet I imagine he will be out of a job within the next month. So much for being loyal to a company! It gets you nowhere!

  23. frekijsimpson says:

    I call ahead, walk in and walk out in 5 mins.

  24. TheYTbiatch says:

    It’s not a con they tell you the cost up front before YOU decide to buy into it. Wal-mart can afford to offer $4 scripts because their profits are not made in the pharmacy but in their stores. The $4 scripts is just to get people into the stores and make them wait HOURS in order for them to walk around and buy crap. When’s the last time you where able to get a script from Wal-mart within 15 mins or hell even the same day??

  25. katieoler says:

    I wish these people were in the stores. Some of the employees are super nice but most of them where I go hate their jobs. One time I asked this guy how he was doing and he said, Well I’m still here if that’s any indication! lol

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