Feeling BRAIN FOG? Lyme disease? ALS MS Organic Brain ԁаmаɡе… tһіѕ Amаᴢіחɡ video illustrating wіtһ actual images οf brain fibers being ԁеѕtrοуеԁ bу mercury (tһе 2nd mοѕt toxic substance іח ουr planet… Tһеrе іѕ NO healthy dose οf mercury!!!). Produced frοm Univiersity οf Calgary Medical School {Canada} tһіѕ іѕ a MUST WATCH!!! аƖѕο bе sure tο see www.iaomtg.org аחԁ www.noamalgam.com аחԁ www.neuraltherapy.com аחԁ www.mercuryexposure.org аחԁ www.generationrescue.org research Dr Klinghardt

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25 Responses to “Watch Brain cell death caused by Mercury Killing neurons Autism ASD”
  1. dynamicdavid says:

    @dynamicdavid Anyone can search google with this search “mercury acre lake” and find plenty of details.
    1 link on WikiAnswers states that 20 grams of mercury would contaminate a 50 acre lake. Based on that math; 4 grams would contaminate a 10 acre lake. 8 regular fillings contain about 50% mercury and fillings are usually 1-2 grams each, depending size. Another source states: 0.002 pounds (or 1 gram) of mercury deposited annually onto a 20-acre lake is enough to make fish unsafe to eat.

  2. dynamicdavid says:

    @TeslaNick2 Actually Why not search up Hal Huggins and DAMS and get some of your own facts. I recognize I had strong language with calling you an idiot, though with my experience and research, I’m simply calling it as I see it. Try searching out the many websites that are linked through on annotations.

  3. hugefuzzypennis says:

    mercury is labeled and shipped as a hazardous substance, when the amalgam is removed from the mouth it’s now a hazardous waste and must be disposed of that way … so … the only time it’s not hazardous is when it’s in a person mouth 24-7 ?

  4. TeslaNick2 says:

    Sorry you feel like that, faced with facts…

  5. dynamicdavid says:

    @batigol47 Please provide your research. I’ve stated the EPA guidelines as stated previously.

  6. dynamicdavid says:

    @TeslaNick2 Hey Idiot! You don’t know what your talking about.

  7. eleveneleven11111 says:

    For me, ANY amount of preventable mercury exposure is too much.

  8. eleveneleven11111 says:

    The joke is on everyone, because every hour of every day that we carry mercury in our teeth, untold damage is being done.

  9. eleveneleven11111 says:

    Research the effects of fluoride to find out why you should never use fluoride toothpaste for any reason, and why it is being sold to you.

  10. bitterbonker says:

    Yeah, except the human body can’t really use the calcium in milk. The mechanism is controversial, but world epidemiological patterns suggest that animal products are linked to osteoporosis. This disease only manifests in modern “affluent” societies; it does not occur in “primitive” societies that consume primarily a vegetarian diet. It is believed that the acidity of blood from eating excessive animal proteins (amino acid) draws calcium from the bones in the process of neutralizing the blood pH.

  11. Jupiterconjunct says:

    andrew, effin idiot dentists. … but the joke is on them. Breathing mercury vapours is worse than sucking on mercury fillings. Sure we do it all… but those fluffer dentists who shove mercury in people’s mouths get ALOT more into their own brains!

    They are so brainwashed. I suspect the plan is to stop using mercury before the people start suing dentists.

  12. batigol47 says:

    The reliable measurements suggest it is 3-8ug/m3. That is significantly lower than what you are suggesting.

  13. batigol47 says:

    Lakes aren’t measured in acres and it would take FAR more than what is in any person’s mouth to contaminate a lake with a surface area comparable to what you suggest.

  14. TeslaNick2 says:

    This guy claims aluminium is a heavy metal.. This is simpy untrue… I doubt the credibility of any of these claims. Also Mercury is NOT the 2nd most toxic substance ON our planet, radio-active elements, alkali metals, a bite from a rattle snake, certain fungi, asbestos there’s litterally 10′s of thousands of substances THOUSANDS of times more toxic than mecury. You are an idiot and very irrisponsible to spread this kind of propaganda.

  15. dynamicdavid says:

    @andrewafuchs The reason your Dentist called you ‘a tin foil-hat wearing nut’ is basically, he is programmed/Brain Washed by the schooling he was indoctrinated with. Fillings OFF Gas!
    How is it: take the mercury that is in your mouth, melt it & put it in a 10 acre lake, the EPA would designate ALL the FISH as TOXIC and the water UNSAFE to swim in? TELL HIM
    Click on my USERNAME: Dynamicdavid + watch the 1st 5 videos, it ONLY takes 10 minutes. If you skip this video above, it’s 5 minutes!

  16. andrewafuchs says:

    sorry was in a shit mood that day. re-watched video, checked out some of the pop-ups. interesting stuff. mentioned it to my dentist and he basically called me a tin foil hat wearing nut, real nice right? Wouldn’t even hear a word of what I had to say

  17. dynamicdavid says:

    the mercury would ‘off-gas’ about 100mcg of methyl-mercury/toothe filling. Once IN the blood stream; ALL organs including the brain are impacted.
    CLICK on my username, watch the SMOKING TOOTHE video.

  18. orlinkt says:

    They used the the typical concentration found in the urine of a person with 7-8 amalgams according to this summary:

  19. biomanwin says:

    Does anyone know what ammount of mercury was used in the study, and how that level of mercury would translate to consumption exposure, considering that the mercury would pass through the bloodstream before reaching the brain and would not all be released into the brain at once.

  20. libertyfizz says:

    While pregnant. I had 13 existing amalgams, 2 vaccines and 1 RHneg shot. I ate some fish and took fish oil supplements. I was exposed on a daily basis to heavy traffic. Ate non-organic food and drank city water. I cleaned up a broken florescent bulb. All sources of mercury in my environment.

    I reduced salt, no alcohol, or caffeine I had excellent prenatal care. But I now have a 5 year old autistic son with zero family history on either side. Heavy Metal Toxicity is cumulative.

  21. libertyfizz says:

    The reason you drink milk if fluoride toothpaste has been ingested depending on the amount is because fluoride attaches to calcium and in that way it will pass though preventing poisoning. Fluoridated water supplies are linked to an increase in fluorosis and impaired immune systems. Because fluoride when taken systemically without adequate calcium in the diet will attach to bones. Fluoride’s best use is topical not systemic. You don’t drink sunblock to prevent skin cancer for example.

  22. dynamicdavid says:

    PRIME example of DIS-Information. This poster and others are out there, employed by BIG Pharma to persuade you.
    SEEK THE TRUTH! Study it for yourself!

  23. dynamicdavid says:

    Each balloon and Pop up blocks un-needed info, with LIFE Saving Videos and references to websites.
    THE COUNTER HERE is Wrong, my other videos max out at a few thousand views, but YouTube states that over 250,000 views have occured on my videos…. odd, eh?

  24. dynamicdavid says:

    3 years ago, Skilled in video editing; I discovered this video from the SOURCE; It was originally HUGE.
    I shrunk it, and posted it here for others to see. I was the 1st to post this video, and other people asked my permission to repost it… Hundreds of Thousands of people have seen this video due to my efforts. Watch this video a few times, Click on each Pop-up each one has MORE and Different information.
    My MISSION is to SPREAD this info Globally to HELP YOU and others. GO SHARE IT!

  25. dynamicdavid says:

    I won’t approve your complaint, because the POP-UP’s contain CRITICAL information that if you just CLICKED on them you would find resources that took me YEARS to discover.
    I am giving LIFE SAVING information, too bad if you don’t like it… You can just move on.

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