I аm a Mother tο three equally special children… Josh aged nearly 12 (AS) Georgia aged 8 1/2 (ADD) аחԁ ƖіttƖе Harry aged 3 1/2 (ѕο called Normal) I wanted tο ѕһοw tһе POSSITIVE side tο Asperger’s, tһеrе аrе many video’s οח u-tube tһаt οחƖу shows tһе down-side. I want tο give parents аחԁ families “HOPE” Tһаt іt ԁοеѕ ɡеt better, Mу son wаѕ diagnosed аt 8 years οf age. Bυt I knew һе wаѕ ѕο called “different” frοm around 18 months. Hope уου еחјοу mу version οf “ASPERGERS” Rachel xx

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25 Responses to “What Asperger’s means to me! (MY VIEW)”
  1. Laraxado says:

    Sorry, but, your son should write it, not you! He hasn’t got any kind of retard!

  2. mrslyndsey23 says:

    i was wondering if anyone else could see that which ive seen,i think my son has aspergers we are waiting for him to be seen by a doctor,waiting lists are huge here in ireland unless you can pay for private care,but it seems to me they all have similar facial expressions,very similar eyes and smile…..all asperger videos i have seen on youtube has confirmed this!i thought it was just in my head but maybe not?

  3. californiania says:

    its all that junk in vaccines. mercury, formaldehyde…

    detox. with MMS? If your child brushes with MMS I will bet you he/she will have no more cavities!, no more toxic mercury in their mouths.

    Earth stones. Hold an orange carnelian in your hand for an hour – quick fix for dissolving fear/anger/depr. Don’t believe me? check “chemtrails dissolved”. Orgone pipes use crystals/ earth stones get rid of chemtrails 5 minutes, 40 mile radius. “Chemtrail Busters” video link at soisnessdotorg.

  4. arriagamariana says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful expirience with Josh, it really gives hope, I live in mexico and here it’s harder to find tools to help them, but i truly belive they are God’s blessing for us.

  5. gamiezion says:

    heya VITASart, just wanted to let you know it really helps to let autistic kids tell their story, but its also important to ask them direct questions
    also try to find what your son likes best and try your best to stimulate him, such as taking him to places where he can interact with his obsession (if possible offcourse)
    i hope this will help you get through to your child, i know it can be tasking, but it will definetly help your son and hell love you all the more for it, trust me :)

  6. VITASart says:

    My 5yr old boy has recently been diagnosed as Aspergers. I wish medical ppl would see it as a different way of thinking rather than a “disorder”. Like yours, my son is my life which is why your video connected with me so well. The other thing Ive worked out also is that if mothers aren’t proactive, children suffer. There isn’t much help in UK because I’m told it’s on a non-specific “spectrum”, hence no non-specific help. I struggle & need other parents as a single mother. Thx for the positivity!

  7. themartelfamily says:

    I don’t actually like Barry Manilow….The song just really fit the mood, and what I was trying to get across. lol

  8. DemonaLlama says:

    The kids look great – Mummy has a pwoblem if she likes Manilow! LOL :>>>>> JOKE!

  9. 53531640 says:

    I dont agree with your comment that aspergers kids look normal. Your son doesnt look normal — “normal” kids look normal. I have a son with aspergers, and he has the same “ab”normal facial expressions as your son Josh. These facial expressions give the game away, that they are not normal, they are indeed special and better than normal. My son is so loving and gentle and thoughtful .. and I wouldnt trade that for a normal son. God bless.

  10. rnv09 says:

    This is a great video congratulation, and the song has a lot meaning it’s true and so very real as I know this for a fact rnv09

  11. juliewelch17 says:

    Our boys rock!

  12. tash322 says:


  13. healthmusic says:

    Would like to present special greeting to Josh. I have Aspergers at 53. I knew I was different, but didn’t always know what the heck it was. We know your condition now and can do so much more. You look like me at 12. You are special in God’s eyes. I fear school classmates will be hard for you as they were for me.

    At 12 I started play guitar. Musician/singer/songwriter. Healthcare crisis, also advocatng autsm awareness in songs. Search Hai Knapp on youtube, clck Viva La Company; view my song.

  14. mdkbdshan says:

    I’ve known for a while that my eleven year old boy has Asbergers. I love your video. God made him the way he is, and I wouldn’t change a thing, and he would agree. You made me cry and it felt good.

  15. gooberjean says:

    People aren’t so scary…know why? They pretty much are all the same; meaning, WE are all a little afraid of one another…Don’t know why. But it is a good start to understanding each other…You get on that bus honey…just make sure to take someone you love and trust with you…I am praying for your strength!

  16. gooberjean says:

    I have a nephew with aspergers, who was deathly afraid of driving up the mountains of New Hampshire…His Auntie, who happened to be in the drivers seat, talked him through it all with a constant voice of, “we laugh at danger…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Chris kept up the chant, until he felt comfortable…He has been on a train since,as well.

  17. gooberjean says:

    annonymous12345…How old are you dear? And do you not have a supportive family? You really CAN get on a bus. I promise. BUT!!! You need support, and loved ones to walk with you.

  18. annonymous12345 says:

    I’ve got aspergers and it’s shit for example I’ll never be able to go on a bus because the idea of being surrounded by people i dont know is too much.Because aspergers is an invisible illness and isn’t as obvious we get shit for sympathy

  19. jazzyjazz11 says:

    ihave aspergrs too im 15 on march the 20th i think you should chnge the song i had to turn it down but i still watched the video :)

  20. mari777here says:


  21. StrictNonConformist says:

    “You’re unique, just like everyone else!” they say… Also being diagnosed with AS, I find it highly ironic that the song you chose is… highly repetitive, and thus rather annoying, all considering :P Fair warning, though: I’m fairly certain using a single complete song as the only audio does not constitute “fair use”

  22. meabud says:

    My son was diagnose with aspergers about 2 months ago. I have been so busy researching, counseling for him, psychiatrist, school meetings that I didn’t take the time to cry. This video made me cry for the first time. I feel that same kind of love that you feel and it’s so hard to realize that my son is different and I can’t change that. But I love him so much. thank you

  23. themartelfamily says:

    Each to their own, everyone has different tastes…..
    Thats what makes us all unique!!

  24. jtel says:

    I have AS. Listening to the music on this video made me want to poke my eyes out.

  25. thisistom2 says:

    Check out my films – Jack (Part1) and Jack(Part2). They are about my brother who has Asperger’s syndrome.

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