Tһіѕ video οח Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning autism) ехрƖаіחѕ, іח simple terms wһаt Aspergers іѕ аחԁ tһе typical symptoms.

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25 Responses to “What is Asperger’s Syndrome?”
  1. xburnbabyburnx says:

    Thanks I’m gonna check it out

  2. AspergicForums says:

    Hey, we’re running a forum for people with AS, link on my profile – worth checking out.

  3. jgisthebest13 says:

    sounds like me coz i got it too and im 14 :(

  4. jgisthebest13 says:

    sounds like me

  5. jgisthebest13 says:

    i got it too :( and i like computerz, ipods, iphones stuff like thatt and i find it hard to keep my eye sight on someone when talking to tham..

  6. mcog2006 says:

    I have Asperger syndrome, and I find it very difficult to try and cope with others. My most interests are 80s nostalgia because I consider myself an 80s child and Disney world, specifically Epoct, I also like cats and writing. That’s what I live with everyday.

  7. frankensteinmoneymac says:

    No prob. Its nice to hear from someone with the same problems I had….In fact it was not until recently that I learned why I was the way I was….I always new I was different…I always had abilities that made others think I was a genius…yet I have trouble understanding bodly language & people in general, and other ‘simple’ things like getting lost in my small home town LOL! Much of my probs turned out to be classic Asperger symptoms although a few R unique to my condition…anyway Much Luck!

  8. xburnbabyburnx says:

    Meh….well…I did feel pretty crappy when I commented and thinking about my aspergers/autism really didn’t help at the time and besides- I feel much better now, I just try and keep my mind off my aspergers when I start thinking about it and that does help most of the time – anyways, thanks for your comment =]

  9. xburnbabyburnx says:

    Thanks for the reply – and… I do feel much better now I think I was just feeling pretty down about things at the time and about my aspergers when I commented….I do think about it like but when I feel sad ’bout it I just think ’bout other things and it does tend to work pretty much most of the time…but yeah anyway what I meant to say without rambling was, thanks for the comment :)

  10. 801Milcah says:

    I have trouble with social functioning and prefers to be alone. I have been like this since I was a kid, so I’m not one of those emo/punk/gothic posers. I somehow have sensory problem, sometimes I become oversensitive and sometimes, I cannot catchup with things (probably I’m absent-minded). I also have trouble in pronunciation and talks very fast most of the time. I used to be obsessive with WW2, but I’m actually terrible in Math and Science.

    So I don’t have aspergers afterall.

  11. eputter1 says:

    I have Asperger’s as well. Do not hate who you are. You should be proud of how incredible gifted your brain has potential for. We think in cool ways and the only thing that is terrible is the misunderstanding that the world has. Yes they hear the word but they lack any understanding of what it means.

  12. dogterd says:

    my asperger coworker just got fired after meltdown # 99, after a change in work routine set him off. poor bastard. He did a great job, but he just couldn’t handle the additional pressure that recent changes in the workplace created.

  13. frankensteinmoneymac says:

    @xburnbabyburnx Hey, I also have aspergers…& I am 35. Trust me what you are feeling now WILL pass…I would not change who I am for all the money it the world….but at your age social interaction is already difficult…add on to that aspergers & it is tenfold so. Trust me…much of the social anxiety is due to being around kids who are socialy anxious themselves & cruel. College kids are more open minded. I had no friends in school, but many friends I made in college are STILL friends today.

  14. Jannsmith says:

    I’m sorry that you’re having such a difficult time. Please do consider talking with your guidance counselor about how you’ve been feeling. I wish that you wouldn’t think of yourself as not being ‘normal’ but perhaps instead a person with certain challenges or symptoms or even someone that is unique :) There are various therapies that may help those with autism including help with social skills, and perhaps that would help your confidence level.

  15. spacehelmetforacow says:

    normally, the ratio of boys with aspergers to girls with aspergers is about 2:1, however some people suggest that my just be because girls with it don’t show quite the same symptoms as boys an, therefore, might not be diagnosed with it.

  16. SweBass says:

    ahahaha nice one!

  17. xburnbabyburnx says:

    I have High Functioning Autism…and seriously, (‘m a 15 year old girl btw) I just hate it!! I hate not being normal like everybody else and why?! why?? I feel like crying, lashing out (not literally about the lashing out part like) and I really hate myself…I feel low whenever I think about it and whenever I talk about it I just burst into tears…I just wish I was normal…I’m worried that when I go to college this september I’ll just hardly say anything to people I meet and just hole up…

  18. MolossianZagori says:

    I’ve thought about this in the past. My conclusion is that all humans are on a massive spectrum. Some more than others, but a lot of people fall “in the middle”. That’s why we traditionally called them “normal”.

  19. FionaatGuy says:

    Same here.

  20. spacehelmetforacow says:

    aspergers syndrome, as far as we can tell, has something to do with the X chromosome, so its much more common for boys to have it rather then girls.

  21. JediTat says:

    Ok, why is a person with asperger’s syndrome only being referred to as a he?

  22. drpeppa2357 says:

    i have it, i guess i can attribute it to my social ineptitude and its why my life has been so empty. I found video games as my routine, perfect to suit the hole made by my lack of social skills, i would always stray away from conversation and isolate myself at home.. now im looking back and wish i could have made a change to an anxiety based schedule. I never wanted it, but now im forced to cope.

  23. drewhcochran says:

    I have Asperger’s. I have the same symptoms

  24. FilMarck says:


    This is ridiculous in a way because like I said, again, any normal human being can be sensitive or decline a opinion if they want. I might have mixed things, but I don’t think so.

    You go out shopping, and hey, next thing you know, you’re communicating with people. Why do people make life such a hard issue. -.-”

  25. FilMarck says:

    Wait, can you include a person who can’t take other peoples opinions? Sounds like it.

    A normal person can be sensitive to smells.

    A person can prefer to be a loner (well, it sucks) and that doesn’t mean that he/she has A.S.

    “Talk about the same thing over and over again” normal people that are FANBOYS (or whatever) (hm, maybe they’re not normal) do that all the time.

    These things can apply to regular citizens, not just “special” people, note that I do not mean to be rude.

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