Wһаt ԁіԁ Dr. Hans Asperger ѕау іח һіѕ sentinel paper?

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25 Responses to “What is Autism? – Hans Asperger”
  1. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    I have asperger’s and after receiving treatment I no longer start shaking when I talk to strangers, I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car when I wanna cross the street, people no longer call the police on me when I stand by myself in public places. Zeolite saved my life, I was ready to kill myself. I can actually function enough to live independently now.

  2. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Zeolite powder cures asperger’s syndrome, or atleast the paranoia and severe social anxiety.

  3. SanguineBullet667 says:

    Dr. Hans is HOT, incredibly sexy.

  4. zamrok73 says:

    there is this seriously retarded kid in my class, but he refuses to get tested lol

  5. GlaBurnzUrHouseAK47 says:

    but, i didn’t see a problem from the first post example.
    maybe i just don’t know what is aspergers. Kids are just kids arn’t they? isn’t pronounciation just fixed thru development nature

  6. jbhafford says:

    argh: AD/HD. Vocabulary perfection is my tick.

  7. jbhafford says:

    correction: AD/HAD, not AD/HAD.

  8. jbhafford says:

    Your son seems like a good kid and a real fire-cracker. God love him. I cantell you are an incredible dad, being there for your son as you are. May God bless you, you stay strong, and please keep posting. Love the video. BTW, I am also an Aspie with AD/HAD and PDD.

  9. distubezero says:

    trust me autism is a pain because almost nobody around you understands you and that right there is a big problem with autism its not that you can help it its the people who are around you who dont understand autism is nothing different then bieng a normal kid just have differences just like everybody else accept them for who they are and try living thier life and seeing it for yourself

  10. yamanmustafa says:

    They’d spell it “straight”, use at least one full stop and capital letters. Most are anal about spelling on youtube though.

  11. leoncbs1 says:

    I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2009, but much of my disability started at birth. The behavior problems started in elementary school in 1984. I have always has a hard time socializing. I can certainly understand the meaning behind this video.

  12. happypuppy237 says:

    Im just a normal kid that goes to a normal highschool and lives in a normal world… or at least until i did some research on diffrent forms of mental disabilities and i realise how things are not as normal as you think, its very sad to see those less fortunate then us. I wish you and your son the best of luck.

  13. RightfullyReticent says:


  14. barbh1 says:

    Thanks for making this video. It’s great that a lot of people are using Youtube to educate the public about the condition.

  15. distubezero says:

    ill tell you this strait i have aspergers im serious its not fun people reject you they ignore you just because of lack of commucation skills and unique interests aspies are very intellegent people and are sucessful people they just have a social disability

  16. ItzMeScottG says:

    life is hard, get messed with, made fun of, and disliked, just because of high-functing aspergers.

    sad world

  17. RightfullyReticent says:

    She has told me repetitively that she has done the best she could do with me, but I highly doubt that’s true. Reason being is that she worked in an institution with autistic people. She was around many people who have severe autism and couldn’t take care of themselves. Despite the fact that they were severe and I am high functioning, that still doesn’t condone her stupidity. She even told me “You do have some symptoms of autism, but I just didn’t care to investigate.” For that she is to blame.

  18. RightfullyReticent says:

    True. I wish I had that chance as a kid. Growing up with autism, no one around me knew that’s what I had. They thought I was a just a “bad kid”. Many times my mother and family members misunderstood me. It became so bad with my mother that she had threatened to give me up for adoption to a different family. She said she personally knew that family and that they would force me to take care of them instead of the other way around. Because I was “So, so, so very bad!” I was only 6 at the time, too.

  19. macmanjim says:

    What does make the difference if that someone is high functioning enough they may be self aware and that can lead to better integration with society. Since Ben knows it, he can make a difference in his own life. When I was his age, we were just labeled difficult or unmotivated and tracked accordingly. At least he has a shot at it.

  20. RightfullyReticent says:

    He might be a lower-functioning Aspie.

    There is (yet another) scale on which Aspies fuction as well. It goes from severe to moderate to mild. I’m not sure what level *I’m* on, but I assume that I’m either mild or moderate. I’m not sure yet, however. I have yet to get the professional diagnosis, but I do have enough information to claim that I have Asperger’s. When I do get the diagnosis, I will also get a paper document. I will therefore see that all the people who need to view it do so.

  21. RightfullyReticent says:

    It is my belief that even higher-functioning levels of autism can be just as equally crippling as the lower levels, depending on the individual.

    Depending on what scale you are on within the Aspergers level depends on whether or not you will have severe functioning disabilities within society. Some people cannot even hold jobs because of this, nor can they function in a normal life.

    When you boil it all down, it’s really about the individual with autism and not so much the range.

  22. TheBoston911 says:

    i was just asking cuz h seems more sever then aspergers and the one his dad describes him in other videos as if he will never do certaint things that my cuzin with aspergers has done like get married, go to college, and have friends ect

  23. RightfullyReticent says:

    Of course.

  24. TheBoston911 says:

    u sure?

  25. jamexxxxxx says:

    so what is wrong with human who has autism?

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