Tony Attwood: Yου want tο take a look аt Tһе Complete Guide tο Asperger’s Syndrome

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25 Responses to “What to do if you think you’re an Aspie…”
  1. Elestareus says:

    Ha normal. No one is normal. We are all crazy a little bit. Of course that is me.

  2. elliotoblio says:

    you remind me of keanu reeves, in the face , its a compliment, he looks slightly feminine also, so im not saying you look like a man, just a little androginess , im a guy & ive been told that also, ive even had lesbians come up & try hit on me, until they see my stubble, i also had an indian guy in a servo flirt with me & said hello my darling, maybe it was due to the fact i had a thermal top on ? i also have a shaved head & very long eyelashes, so i look a bit like a tough lesbian, maybe ?

  3. freespiritaspie says:

    I had recently bought a few books on Amazon about Asperger’s ever since I started going to Provincial Autism Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have the book you mentioned but haven’t read it yet. I’m in the middle of Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison.

  4. freespiritaspie says:

    I had recently bought a few books on Amazon about Asperger’s ever since I started going to Provincial Autism Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have the book you mentioned but haven’t read it yet. I’m in the middle of Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison.

  5. sybeve says:

    Coming at it from a different perspective (that of years of not knowing). I’m almost 50 & didn’t “discover” that I was aspie until about 4 yrs ago. I look back at all the stuff I noticed (no eye contact, talking about same things etc) & tried to “fix” in myself when I didn’t know over years; interesting. I was glad to know why I always knew I was & felt weird & different from others. I’ve read a lot, but most people I know (with exception of husband/daughter) do NOT want to even hear about it.

  6. cjellwood says:

    Doctors are telling me I am Bi Polar but I swear I am Aspy. Fuck bi polar, I dont have mood swings unless someone makes me moody.

  7. foreskinforest says:

    stop yeh wingeing

  8. EbolaPandemic2020 says:

    Im here to cure you!
    Let me get my gloves.

  9. EbolaPandemic2020 says:

    It would be most relaxing to meditate for at least 3 hours
    -it’s necessary to get three hours to get into a good cognitive state
    -according to some in depth articles over 5 years you can actually get an a four percent increase in brain matter (probably devoted to cognition or what ever area one thinks) compare that to 1000 years of evolution!
    -stay cute

  10. ryanisryan69 says:

    Most attractive women to ever have aspergers!

  11. paradoxical42 says:

    I’m from Canada, and there are programs in place to give financial and technical aid to people with an AS diagnosis, but only for kids as they grow up. Government aid goes poof once you turn 19. I was diagnosed just before I became too old for those programs, so I got a laptop out of the deal (to help with school work) and I went to a Autism conference once, but that was about it. The most good can be done when aspies are kids, so that’s where they focus.

  12. AskTheVillageIdiot says:

    @TheAnMish Yeah, I know, 43 years for me, just found out about Ass-burgers a month ago. Got diagnosed as autistic at 12 but there was this little problem with HI IQ. Hang in there, and no it won’t get any better.

  13. eviljaye66 says:

    You make so much sense to me. Thank you! Some times I feel alone out here but i watch your videos and feel much better. Thank you!

  14. jlambertstl says:

    I think that people with Asperger’s ARE normal, just different. You can still get an education, pursue a career, and live an otherwise successful life with Asperger’s.

  15. ryanisryan69 says:

    Good Vid
    Ive never met anyone with aspergers that i know of.
    Im 24 and wasnt diagnosed till i was 22. I was a drug addict and was in siucide clinics before i had even heard of aspergers.
    If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me (before i was diagnosed)
    “whats your problem” or “why dont you ever talk or hang out” I wouldnt even need a job. lol

  16. willyjones7 says:

    thanks for the reply
    i was hoping you had taken classes so you could suggest one to me but i guess ill just have to start watching and observing other people to see how they act
    and err, sorry for posting that text 4 times…. youtubes new design sucks

  17. TheAnMish says:

    @willyjones7 I didn’t, no. I looked around me and tried to imitate what other people did. I have it down pretty well, yes, but through years of work. And I started long before I even had my diagnoses. It is probably around 15 years of work, just to be able to act as normal as I do.

  18. willyjones7 says:

    did you take any special classes that taught you how to present the proper facial expressions, how to use the correct tone of voice when speaking with people, or anything like that or did you learn this all on your own because you seem to have the whole “normal” thing down pretty well

  19. TheAnMish says:

    @Riv3rQu33n About seven years, I think.

  20. Riv3rQu33n says:

    how long has it been since you had your diagnosis?

  21. steveteaches says:

    well at least you have the concept of self-esteem i can’t even grasp what it means entirely. for sticking to things? yea i’ve had a bit of a problem with it too, like the the time i tried to start being successful in school… or the time i was going to learn model design.. and drawing..

    i’m also a big fan of self loathing ^.^

  22. mbncd says:

    Every now and again as a child I got interested in creating music or visual art but it just wasn’t my thing. I appreciate the stuff others do but keep myself on this side of the fence. I’ve tried some physiotherapy too but that didn’t really seem to help either… Then again, I’ve always had trouble sticking to things even if I really wanted to do them, low motivation and low self esteem makes it very easy to just go hide and berate myself for quitting instead ;P

  23. steveteaches says:

    i’m actually picking up bass to try to help my fine motor skills. ever consider it?

  24. mbncd says:

    I’m not android like, I’m actually very emotional (though I bottle it up). But yeah, no one could figure out what my problems were either. I would go to a special ed reading comprehension class (small sentences in big font sort of books) and then during break I would go read big kid novels. I could read very well but I had some troubles writing the correct way around (S’s came out as Z’s, etc) and I still have poor motor skills across the board (gross and fine) so I’m really physically slow too.

  25. genetix03 says:

    My point is, getting a diagnosis wont help you unless you’re going after SSA/SSI and unless you have an attorney, you’re not going to get it. And unless your IQ is like 60 you’re not going to get any substantial non monetary real assistance.

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