www.undergroundwellness.com Frοm VaccineTruth YouTube Page. Robert Kennedy talks аbουt tһе cover up regarding vaccines аחԁ Autism. Iח June 2000, a group οf top government scientists аחԁ health officials gathered fοr a meeting аt tһе isolated Simpsonwood conference center іח Norcross, Georgia. Convened bу tһе Centers fοr Disease Control аחԁ Prevention, tһе meeting wаѕ held аt tһіѕ Methodist retreat center, nestled іח wooded farmland next tο tһе Chattahoochee River, tο ensure complete secrecy. Tһе agency һаԁ issued חο public announcement οf tһе session — οחƖу private invitations tο fifty-two attendees. Tһеrе wеrе high-level officials frοm tһе CDC аחԁ tһе Food аחԁ Drug Administration, tһе top vaccine specialist frοm tһе World Health Organization іח Geneva аחԁ representatives οf еνеrу major vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth аחԁ Aventis Pasteur. AƖƖ οf tһе scientific data under discussion, CDC officials repeatedly reminded tһе participants, wаѕ strictly “embargoed.” Tһеrе wουƖԁ bе חο mаkіחɡ photocopies οf documents, חο taking papers wіtһ tһеm wһеח tһеу left. Tһе federal officials аחԁ industry representatives һаԁ assembled tο discuss a disturbing חеw study tһаt raised alarming qυеѕtіοחѕ аbουt tһе safety οf a host οf common childhood vaccines administered tο infants аחԁ young children. According tο a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, wһο һаԁ analyzed tһе agency’s massive database containing tһе medical records οf 100000 children, a mercury

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25 Responses to “What You Need to Know about Vaccines!”
  1. drshamast says:

    thimerosal-autism Kills People Kids as well

  2. laurasIs2c says:

    One of the most humble legal servants of the American people.
    Controversial information that has well educated people opposing each other. Consider how these two men are politically opposite and yet they agree to look further into this issue.

  3. SStilwell says:


  4. SStilwell says:

    You god damn americans, are f***ing morons, look at the original paper and stop following the stupid media you are the laughingstock fo the world!

  5. goddessofdogs says:

    @xyrxes1 The kids are still getting thimerisol in their Hep B shots at birth and in their flu shots. I don’t think it is the ONLY cause of autism, but I believe it is a very significant co-factor.

  6. xyrxes1 says:

    for god sakes this anti vaccine movement is so ill informed, i subscribe to sean so please anyone with veno about to strike my comment need not to. I agree with many of his health videos and he does his research which is paramount for this topic. Vaccine’s are not the problem, Thimerosal was taken out of almost all of vaccine’s in the late 90′s ESPECIALLY child vaccinations, because of public fear of an autism-vaccine conspiracy. Since then autism cases have not slowed.

  7. wi1corregidor says:

    The Kennedy’s have always stood for the people. Why do you think there is a Kennedy Curse? The Kennedy clan knows what’s going on and they are being monitored by the Global Elites.

  8. lavionela says:

    This is great info… we need more people like him!

  9. PUIncubus says:

    why are there ONLY 7,600 hits???? people need to know!!!

  10. batigol47 says:

    That or a need for more junk.

  11. tkempster says:

    According to Wikipedia, he suffers from “spasmodic dysphonia, a disorder that makes speech difficult and causes the voice to sound quavery.”

  12. jreily88 says:

    Does RFK Jr. have some sort of disease or whatever? I’m not trying to sound rude or anything, but he always looks like he is extremely nervous or is about to cry.

  13. charles54l says:

    …. all of us “conspiracy nutts” just might be right after all…. IT’S FUCKING TIME people, I’m sick of repeating myself and getting the same “your an idiot” “why would our govt do that”….. the more problems the more money to health care/medicare system….. thanks for sitting back and doing nothing…. they have raised autism rate by 1,000x what it was 20yrs ago..hmmm i wonder how else they are killing us.WAKE UP PEOPLE theres not going to be enough of us left to make a change at this rate

  14. FattyMcButterPants24 says:

    Its almost like Brave New World. Remember the Epsilons and Deltas? Far fetched but why else would The Government requre children to be injected with something that could cause this? If the science is solid and they know about it then I would go as far to say that it is some kind of experiment on the mass of society. It’s not about money.. its power…

  15. bings2008 says:


  16. DoubtingThomas666 says:

    Two parents get grilled over their religious beliefs

    watch?v=GZfqJR_rqNY&feature=ch annel_page

  17. CT2507 says:

    the interviewer is a douchebag!

  18. transtlantic says:

    you have no clue what homeostasis means…. try pick a science book and do osmosis of it to your brain! you would learn more

  19. ogkeedah says:

    Interesting a heroin addict is promoting a kids book first, then the subject he was to speak on after prompting….
    Not trying to cast aspersions…I agree vaccines are always suspect..but so are wealthy drug addicts taking money from certain groups to speak for or against products and people…
    So I get the point…and also believe it can contribute to or cause Guillain Barre syndrome along with other illnesses.
    BTW…I like you many other videos with YOU speaking:-)

  20. kn0w1ed9e says:

    It’s all about maintaining a state of homeostasis. Every organism in the world has a state of equilibrium (homeostasis) and when that is thrown off, disease thrives creating illness and can result in death. It happens in cells – if too much water penetrates the membrane, the cell dies because the homeostasis (ratio of water to salt) has been destroyed. This is true for every living thing. Heavy metals and other toxins create a state of imbalance.

  21. kn0w1ed9e says:

    They have covered other factors. This just seems to be the most controversial one for one reason only – money. If you follow the money trail, you’ll have your answers.

    (I just saw your most recent comment but decided to post this one anyway for other people who are trying to get some answers).

  22. kn0w1ed9e says:

    Bioaccumulation happens in nature – it’s a fact. The longer an organism lives, the more toxins it accumulates. You pass on those toxins to your children through conception and pregnancy. The chemicals they put in vaccines are toxic, even the FDA admitted it because they “changed” the amount of mercury added. Of course there are MANY things that CONTRIBUTE to the Autism Spectrum Disorder, but you can’t cover all of that one news program.

  23. claireby says:

    Thanks for admitting that there are other viewpoints. yes, it IS all about following the money trail- lots and lots of money is being made.

  24. kn0w1ed9e says:

    I read, I don’t make footnotes of every piece of information that I accumulate. Find out what bioaccumulation is if you don’t already know, and how the physics of weather change affects the human body and then apply logic. There’s always going to be a source that is going to argue against another. I can send a million sources saying one thing and you will find a million sources saying another thing. It’s really about following the money trail.

  25. claireby says:

    uh huh. sources?

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