Dο уου wear glasses? Eνеr wonder wһу guys flock tο уου Ɩіkе a lion tο a kіƖƖ? Well I һаtе tο brеаk іt tο ya–іtѕ NOT уουr personality. Itѕ NOT bесаυѕе уου һаνе a nice body. :) follow mе here: www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com www.blogtv.com www.mannixthepirate.com οtһеr channel www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to “Why are girls with glasses so Hot?”
  1. aPurpleDahlia says:

    See, I thought you were going to say that women with glasses have myopia, myopia is a sign of neurological disorder, neurological disorder may mean the girl is a little crazy, and crazy chicks tend to be better in bed.

  2. blackwolf301 says:

    I always thought people liked glasses because glasses signified intelligence and people got turned on by that but this seems plausible too.

  3. MBPKyle says:

    i wonder why i like the girls i do… i think glasses are hot tho… but honestly one thing im getting tired of is like 70% of women being overweight. there i said it. its not attractive when the woman is bigger than me… and as shallow as that is its the truth. id like my partner to be attractive inside and out and not lack in either. im tired of people saying real beauty is on the inside. its both inside and out. overweight women barely ever persue overweight guys.

  4. Zagatron says:

    why assume there’s even a subconscious link between the nerd stereotype betweem glasses and social suckiness . Assuming this nerd stereotype effect even exists subconsciously there’s going to be all the negative nerd associations in there too.
    The biological reason that your moles are considered unnatractive or those shades are atractive or otherwise is not gonna be a subconscious monologue considering the evolutionary advantages of a fine taste in shades.
    maybe i’m overanalysing. am I?

  5. veronicachic says:

    oh mah gawd!!
    well im blind without my glasses, i think its time i get some lasik…

  6. CambridgeHeights says:

    Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.

  7. spitfiremanlizerd says:

    @hoboboxerjoe i’m guessing you found that out the HARD way

    hah get it? ….

    i don’t need to be funny i jizz chocolate heroin

  8. hoboboxerjoe says:

    @spitfiremanlizerd, you need to use a measuring tape, not tiny slices of baby carrots, each slice doesn’t count as an inch, y’know.

  9. startreking2007 says:

    men in prescription glasses are hot too.

  10. zizikelizike says:

    @spitfiremanlizerd congratulations on pasing out everytime you get a hardon!

  11. Nagneto says:

    Glasses or no, NO MONEY NO HONEY. and that’s a fact. lol

  12. spitfiremanlizerd says:


  13. hoboboxerjoe says:

    And I’m 24 now! IF I had known I had aspergers when I was younger, I hope that it would’ve changed things for me. Never got a date in high school, even though I was really well-built and could bench over 350, but I just couldn’t grasp that being buff alone isn’t going to attract girls. Too late I discovered how to dip into the hard-to-tap well that is charisma. Hindsight is, as always, a bitch.

  14. hoboboxerjoe says:

    Y’know it’s kinda funny, because even though I wasn’t a geek or nerd in high school. I wasn’t a jock either, I actually went to a boxing gym for gym class and ended up doing a few exhibitions with the schools top wrestler in a free-for-all match where I KO’d him, but I digress. I was still incredibly akward myself. With a very high score in reading, writing, history, etc. When I made friends I often got overly attached and had social problems. About a year ago I found out I have aspergers

  15. wintershadows says:

    You seem like you are ready to snap any day. I think you need to check in to a mental facility.

  16. TheLonelyImmortal says:

    @DRealfriknKeenan Cultural taboos drive a LOT of what people find sexy to fantasize about. For instance, incest porn is enjoyed by many people, the vast majority of whom would never do incest themselves. They just love the taboo of it. It’s the “You’re such a BAD girl/boy!” effect. It makes something sexy simply because it’s prohibited. Doing the “wrong” thing is often exciting- video games like Grand Theft Auto thrive because they let people do prohibited things without anyone getting hurt.

  17. TheLonelyImmortal says:

    @lpasepok If the mark is flat, it wouldn’t trigger the grooming instinct strongly. Cultures are powerful creators of what is seen as sexy- (Just look at African tribes for some perfect examples), so cultural things like the “beauty mark” fashion could be more important to some people than their own natural lust for symmetry. Think of all of what makes a person sexy to you, and think about how much of that is based on symmetry. Although we’re hardwired to love it, it isn’t the only factor.

  18. TheLonelyImmortal says:

    @asquamosa I’ve never understood the “beauty” mark idea, but if the mark is flat, it wouldn’t trigger the grooming instinct strongly. Cultures have been powerful creators of what is seen as sexy- (Just look at African tribes for some perfect examples), so cultural things like the “beauty mark” fashion could be more important to people than their own natural lust for symmetry.

  19. fattestruss says:

    Could have hyperopia.

  20. Neueregel says:

    Some girls with glasses are hot because they have hot bodies. It’s stupid to generalize ALL of them to be hot . It just depends on the total physical appearance. So yah for hotties, with glasses or not

  21. beatles61 says:

    yeah, but sometimes that girl is fat and ugly

  22. TrayaNea says:


  23. fox7seven says:


  24. SifuPanther says:

    I have moles so i’m fucked!!!!!!! :(

  25. freakazoid6657 says:

    that actually makes a lot of sense.

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