A genetic theory: evolution аחԁ ability.

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25 Responses to “Why is There Autism?”
  1. PinkPunkyKat says:

    If it wasn’t for autism genes, we’d probably still be living in caves or at least the horse and buggy era.

  2. bclagnese says:

    i have done endless autism research… and i think i might have the answer… autism is not present at birth…. it is developed in the first three years of life… thats when the human brain developes… if something messes with it… autism happens…

  3. marineinstafford says:

    Interesting philosophy, one I have not heard of before. I thought I detected some disbelief or disagreement in your tone though. What do you feel is the potential cause?

  4. apostolicaspie says:

    sometimes. not always.

  5. DChatc says:

    That’s the spirit! You nailed it all down perfectly.

  6. DChatc says:

    Affirmative. Large heads containing large brains (an AS brain behaves somewhat more like a computer in that it mainly stores data, this is because it is heavily decentralized, each lobe having it’s own mass of white matter connecting to a somewhat shrunken corpus callosum, meaning that the lobes act a bit more independently of the others, this accounts for the awkwardness and obsessive nature of AS phenotypes).

  7. jacobkay says:

    go fuck your kid

  8. Kenwyne3546 says:

    I’ve have a question. Is it true that Autistic people generally have larger than average heads? I’ve seen this on the internet a few times. Thanks.

  9. icecreamandsingasong says:

    oh and look at star wars/trek all future and autism it is just evolution no more joking just serious stuff and realism we are smarter then we understand we all do it ourselfs and not god or do i go to fast

  10. icecreamandsingasong says:

    and is there such thing as fore programmed evolution or do we evoluate on what we do now in that case is is not strange that we get autistics wer on the computer taking things straight and programm orden and we want that so why is autism a problem

  11. icecreamandsingasong says:

    this is the best video i saw about autism and how deep can you go? is it made to discuss about or just take the facts and deal with it like accepting. why would evolution make diseases like cancer just to select what is good and what has to ban and what is autism? a disease or not and why do autistics ‘survive’ if you look at the surviving of the fittest theorie?

  12. icecreamandsingasong says:

    ofcourse for everything is a good reason.

  13. icecreamandsingasong says:

    I totally find myself in. thanks who is crazy I mean autistics see the trueth the rest is dancing around and having ‘fun’ while autistics walk ont heir toes to belief in the lies i’m sorry but this is how i feel.

  14. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    if they don’t have classic autism doesn’t mean they don’t have Asperger’s. Just look how obsessed some parents of autistic has become with the false belief that mercury in vaccines caused their kids autism? That obsessive compulsive pursuit of something proven to be false but with them still not letting go… that’s autistic, man! I’m like that with my obsessions (thank God mine are to do with art and music, can’t make a boob out of myself there). Autism bring obsessions, it’s a fact.

  15. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    I’m ambidexterous & I’ve Asperger’s. I can read ppl’s faces, I just find most ppl’s shallow talk boring and prefer to han out with my deep thinking interesting autistic mates who are also obsessed with creating stuff like films, books, art, poetry, fashion, animation and theory of physics (love my physics). Basically, stuff that matters. And caring about animals and children. The rest is all tosh, especially wars and pursuit of riches for the sake of it. Have no time for that or folks like that

  16. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    Autism IS genetic & I’m glad I’m Autistic. I absolutely love being an independent thinker, have a lot of creativity & stamina to bring my exciting projects to fruition, I love being intelligent & a quick learner & I love my obsessions, love being oranised, love having a beautiful tidy house with tasteful furnishings (I put things together cheap but it looks like from interior design mag & I dsign it myself). I love looking after my kids even though I’m not good at playing but I love to clean

  17. aspie101 says:

    If you would stop writing your comments in all caps, people just might take you more seriously. If autism was genocide, then the government is doing a horrible job at it since autism has nevere killed anyone.

  18. ecbford says:

    In our family tree, there have always been a few very shy individuals in every generation that never married. Our older son is Aspbergers. He seems to be in the range of genetic inherited traits.

  19. shadoweyes666 says:

    Great video

  20. shadoweyes666 says:

    lol, oh and let me guess… the twin towers were knocked down by bush and man never landed on the moon?

  21. tawhid1st says:

    Thanks again for your research!

    Your theory reminds me of a principle in Islamic creed regarding devine decree.

    We believe that God is good and there is always some greater wisdom or good in His decree. What may seem difficult for some, may actually reveal some greater benifit later. Either for the the individual, or for the society as a whole.

    So we believe it’s always good to be patient, and thank God for whatever He brings us, and know that there is always a greater good behind it.

  22. 11krage says:

    You can carry genes, and not have it

  23. Bagoners03 says:

    If nobody in someones family has autism how come some children have it anyways?? It is not genetic then if nobody in the family has it… right??

  24. 666sigma says:

    Tony, where are you???

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Of course, I think you are referring to Asperger’s or so called “higher” functioning individuals.

    Personally, I don’t believe a difference that adds a strength and a weakness should NOT be viewed as a disability. It should be viewed as a difference.

    Being good at one or more things is an advantage to being average at everything. The critical factor is that the person must be functional at their weakness.

  25. abram730 says:

    khmaz a schizophrenic person may take what is subjective as objective reality(It’s not and but a possibility). Things that have a possible truth become absolute(poor logic). then I noticed that they have little control over their extreme states of mind. A difficult break up in a relationship can cause such an extreme mind state in any person or PTSD is one. Often there is a certain social masochism. A schizophrenic is their own worst enemy. Watch the secret and think about it magnified.

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