Wrοחɡ Planet member Nicholas Grey puts Suzanne Wright аחԁ Autism Speaks οח tһе defensive аחԁ sparks a ɡrеаt discussion аmοחɡ tһе platform members іח wһісһ many participants agree tһаt more needs tο bе done іח terms οf acceptance. Valarie Paradis аƖѕο mаkеѕ a ɡοοԁ point аחԁ Lee Grossman οf tһе Autism Society οf America expresses һіѕ support οf autistics.

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25 Responses to “WrongPlanet + Nicho Grey puts Autism Speaks on the defensive”
  1. Marcow321 says:

    I am superman btw

  2. brianhaddad says:

    Some very interesting points brought up here. I’ve given this quite a bit of thought before. I feel that autism can be a gift to the individual as much as it is to society. Anyone who sees it as a disease or disability that needs a cure doesn’t understand what it is to those who live with it. It is our life. Sometimes we love it, sometimes it bothers us (just like everything else in life).

  3. ApollonApostle says:

    Autism Speaks is trying to take the sitgma away’. Yeah, go watch that ‘I Am Autism‘ video and tell me you’re trying to remove the stigma. Fuck off Suzanne Wright.

  4. EmperorOfEditing says:

    @SpecterReflector I hope you were joking. If not, that is certainly not the right attitude to have. The way you view neurotypicals is a mirror image of the way ‘Autism Speaks’ views autistic people.

    “we don’t need to be cured; we are the cure.”

    That REALLY sound like Magneto! As a mildly autistic person myself, I believe that autistic people and neurotypical people are equal. I am completely and utterly against discrimination.

  5. NateSean says:

    @Ichinin I don’t disagree on any one point.

    But one side has to be willing to compromise and what you call the EA’s aren’t doing that anytime soon.

  6. Epica124 says:

    @Ichinin They can fix the way are brains are wired. So they can accpect us or they can keep going on and on about how having autism, or aspergers or ADHD is such a bad thing and that we have a disease that needs a cure.

  7. Epica124 says:

    @Ichinin You’re missing the point. I have aspergers, dyslexia, and a little ADD. I do not have a disease. Autism Speaks sees Autism, aspergers, and what ever else there is such as ADHD, ADD, etc etc as a disease. My brain is wired different. When AS takes of a cure or says how ASD is like AIDS. I have to wonder if they even get what I and many others have.

  8. Pekoautika says:

    Autism Speaks needs to be completely revamped or shut down… and as for Nilly Mann I’ve got issues w/ him cause of the “I am autism” video & S. Wright’s endorsement of it…

  9. Pekoautika says:

    @SpecterReflector Umm… you sound like Magneto from the X-Men movies

  10. SpecterReflector says:

    I’m mildly Autistic, and I have a very low view of ”normal” people in society. I see everyone without my condition as mentally disabled- mild autism is a gift, the next stage in human evolution and should be seen as such. we have mental abilities that cannot be comprehended by the general populace. we are super-human. we don’t need to be cured; we are the cure.

  11. DeityofStuff says:

    I agree That is very lazy to rely on some random dude to every now and again send e-mails to the website to say “Psst! By the way, there’s an autistic guy that won the nobel prize!”. THEY need to do the research. Autism Speaks needs to improve or die.

  12. Ichinin says:

    I think that Autism Speaks (AS) and the “elitist aspies” (EA) are totally missing eachothers points:

    -AS have failed to realise that they are percieved by some to speak for everyone and when they use “ASD” they also are refering to Aspergers and other disorders.

    - EA have failed to realise that there are people with ASDs who have actual problems, not everyone gets a so called “superpower” that they can use to their advantage in society and that some really need serious help.

  13. MONIQUEIJ says:

    i love my sister because she don’t cried over my niece Dakota autism she treat her just like she do any other 4 year old lol she spoiled. my sister don’t want her baby to think she have to have limitation all because of aspergers syndrome

  14. saddylicious says:

    Suzanne Wright makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t want people to see my son and feel pity. I don’t want people to look at my son and think he’s less than a person. Autism Speaks, whether they realize it or not, are perpetuating this image that people on the spectrum are to be pitied. They are perpetuating the negative stigma that they claim to be attempting to destroy. They can go to hell. Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for my son.

  15. loudmouth4 says:

    Shocker, McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Hussain the progesssives that 5they are view me as diseased first it’s aid than it’s eugenic disposal. fuck all three of them.

  16. hardknocksphd says:

    Someone put their foot in their mouth.
    Why are some people so hung up on wanting to view it as a “diseas.”
    I am sorry, but it is not a “disease” in the sense AIDS is, and people need to work with it and live with it, because there is no cure. I think the ones with the cure hangups are the ones that are unable to accept it as is.

  17. NateSean says:

    Suzanne Wright must be a great ballet dancer. Did you notice how she so carefuly danced around the “What are you doing to focus on the accomplishments?” part of the question.

    “You can be my roaming reporter.” Translation, “I don’t feel the need to do any research. I’m here to villify Autism and people with Autism and but if you want to come on down to my website I’ll throw a leash around you and tell you what you can and can’t say.”

  18. Hagurus says:

    Suzanne is so Wrong!

  19. AnElephantThatPaints says:

    Thanks! In fact, I didn’t even realize I used this word until I received the email notification.

  20. paradoxical42 says:

    @AnElephantThatPaints Kudos to you for using the word paradoxical in a sentence. You are a rare breed of human for that :P

  21. mels8780 says:

    she wasn’t trying to compare AIDS and AS……..youre missing the point. lol..

  22. MrRiverNight says:

    Wow, what a terrible way to discuss us. She immediately starts referring to AIDS as a comparrison. OMG

  23. MrRiverNight says:

    Wow, what a terrible way to discuss us. She immediately starts referring to AIDS as a comparrison. OMG

  24. frank1985au says:

    @dixielandgrl: is that because you teach him to be miserable with his life? autism makes people make people miserable because they are taught that it is a bad thing instead of being taught to make the most of it and appreciate the gifts that come with it. It is your stigma of autism, not autism, that’s hurting your child. Rather than trying to stamp it out, learn about it and work with your child.

  25. dalektaliban says:

    drum roll, cue laughter

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