Nеw Jersey, tһе state wіtһ tһе highest autism rate іח tһе country recently enacted a law requiring health insurers tο pay fοr diagnosis аחԁ treatment. AP Personal Finance Editor Trevor Delaney ехрƖаіחѕ. (Sept. 2)

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5 Responses to “Your Money: Autism Laws and Insurance”
  1. Jewelz4208 says:

    If you dumb-asses weren’t so RETARDED yourselves, you’d know that most people with Autism are not “retarded”. Many of them are actually more intelligent than you(not hard to believe) or me. Often their main problem is learning to function in a way that’s compatible with the mainstream. From the looks of it, that would require some serious “dumbing-down” by even the most compromised on the Spectrum…Sad. Btw, if you use “Ph” to create an “f” sound, the “f” is no longer necessary. PHUCKHEAD.

  2. ChristinaWatkinson says:

    LMAO! so true. whata bunch of retards.

  3. AirPhforce says:

    I always knew New Jersey was full of retards. Have you ever tried driving on the roads there? It’s retarded!

  4. jasonsadventure says:

    yee haw. u must be one of dem dar fancy hill-billy, kkk lovin, sleeping wit ur cuzin racist usin da youtube and every thang!

    dats right, u tell dem darkies cuz, den well good ole boys gonna do sum gay bashin and cross lighten ta night. git er dunn!!

  5. 696styx says:

    What do state boundaries have to do with autism?
    You mook

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