Wһаt wаѕ уουr reaction tο tһе dx аחԁ аƖѕο people around уου. Dіԁ уου feel tһаt уου һаԁ found аƖƖ уουr аחѕwеrѕ tο qυеѕtіοחѕ уου һаԁ аѕkеԁ fοr years?? Or ԁіԁ уου actually feel very SAD knowing tһаt уου һаԁ ASD οr Aspergers??

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12 Responses to “Your Reaction to Diagnosis”
  1. bionerd23 says:

    the diagnosis didnt really make much of a difference. there’s nothing i can do about it anyway… it’s not like a broken limb where i can go like “OH thats where my problems are coming from! okay let’s have a surgery and fix it!”. it was different with the ADHD diagnosis, as it gave me hope i could change something, even if that’s with the use of drugs. the fact that e.g. ritalin has been tested for autism-related conditions like AS, too, makes it even more interesting.

  2. lucybean975 says:

    i’ve always known there was something up with my “wiring.” learn language-based things with no effort; struggle with the distinction between left and right, simple math, spatial rel’s, depth perception! (non-verbal learning dis.) i’m watching the pieces fall into place. but am still just applying for health ins., which i can finally afford. think dx will be a huge relief. few doubts that my “wiring” is indeed atypical.

  3. lucybean975 says:

    (i’m sorry. i will stop hyperfocusing on asperger’s soon. for right now, this is where my needle is stuck.) as yet, i’m undiagnosed. got a dx of schizotypal pd during the early 90′s shortly before asperger’s was part of the dx bible here (DSM-IV.) spd has all the social challenges of AS, includes stimming, poor eye contact, etc. unfortunately, it was used to deny my memories of childhood trauma (i was “nuts.”) despite some odd spiritual beliefs then, i’m extremely reality-based–

  4. jakerockznoodles says:

    I’m glad I was diagnosed because it helped me received the support I needed. However, I haven’t felt any kind of change I suppose because I was officially diagnosed with HFA at the age of 7 or 8, which was pretty early on compared to some people.

  5. StevenBlender says:

    lol i know what you mean

  6. skaterat494 says:

    my closest friend has aspergers

  7. BuddinTheAmazing says:

    I was diagnosed with Asperger’s about a year ago.

  8. ghodium says:

    more about the DDA thing or my experiences?

  9. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Hey tell me more about that. I think I was brilliant working when i was in the office. But it was all the social crap and people arguing about who’s cup was who’s and also how such and such got more money. I was never in with that crowd. The Women did not accept me cause I could type faster than them. The Men didn’t cause I couldn’t join in the football discussions all the time. I was pretty much a fish out of water. But then again nobody knew about AS then. So thought me ignorant.

  10. ghodium says:

    i’m 45 and diagnosed just 3 months ago… i’m definitely glad that i’ve gotten a diagnosis; to me it’s a bit like having been finally told where i am from, what my true culture is, and why everybody else seems to behave so superficially… haven’t got a work contract since diagnosis, but am insisting on private office space or homebased work, which under UK DDA law can be considered a ‘reasonable adjustment’ as autism/aspergers is recognised as the disability that it is under UK DDA law

  11. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Thank you. I am 38 now and really people do not treat me any different to how they did before the dx. DX is more of a personal thing. It means that you know for sure you have AS and that way you can move on with your life.

  12. JennaStarclaw says:

    Good idea. It’s often easier on you if you tell people if you’re diagnosed with something because then you don’t have to hid it

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