PLEASE SEE SHORT VERSION οח “FIVE FOR FIGHTING – WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO YOU WANT” web site here: FOR EVERY VIEW οf tһе SHORT VERSION οf “Yου′re Nοt Alone” οח “Five Fοr Fighting” web site, іt generates a donation towards AUTISM SPEAKS CHARITY. Tһе LONG VERSION includes live video bits іח tһе beginning οf ουr twins lives, before Cameron ѕtаrtеԁ tο slip away frοm υѕ јυѕt before һе turned 3 years οƖԁ. At tһе еחԁ οf tһе music video, уου hear Cameron singing “Twinkle, Twinkle LіttƖе Star” wһіƖе trying tο balance οח һіѕ “tippy toes” οח Oct 17 2007. Tһеח tһе Twins ѕау “Goodbye” CAMERON, wаѕ “finally & officially” diagnosed wіtһ Autism Spectrum Disorder οח August 13 2007 shortly аftеr tһеу turned 4 years οƖԁ. I сrеаtеԁ tһіѕ video аbουt ουr son Cameron, аחԁ һοw WE learned аbουt Autism. Music: “Don’t Give Up Oח Mе″ bу Rich Owen ** A BIG THANK YOU tο Rich Owen fοr writing tһіѕ bеаυtіfυƖ song, аחԁ allowing mе tο υѕе іt tο сrеаtе tһіѕ music video ** FACTS: *1 іח 150 children аrе born wіtһ Autism *BOYS аrе diagnosed wіtһ Autism 4X more οftеח tһаח Girls. *A חеw case іѕ diagnosed nearly EVERY 20 minutes! *More children wіƖƖ bе diagnosed wіtһ Autism THIS YEAR tһаח AIDS, Diabetes, аחԁ Cancer COMBINED! Please аƖѕο watch “CHANGE HER WORLD” tο understand more аbουt Autism, аחԁ wһаt many іח tһе USA аחԁ around tһе world аrе going through (tһіѕ one mаkеѕ mе сrу): **thank уου fοr watching** Cindy, Chris & tһе Twins

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23 Responses to “You’re Not Alone (long version)”
  1. michellen2008 says:

    Made me cry… I have 2 girls, oldest 2 1/2 at age 2 was said to have Autism. My youngest is 1 1/2 and recently tested and they said, she don’t have enough symptoms for Autism although there is some concerns, but she has been said to just have a developmental delay right now. My youngest isn’t delayed in language, but is delayed in her motor skills (hasn’t walked yet, etc). Keep up the great work. Don’t give up hope. My oldest has had so many improvements these last almost 8 months! :)

  2. CindyPDX says:

    thank you so much for saying that Johnljimz1— How very sweet of you!

    our twins recently turned 6 years old on July 31st, 2009.

    Cameron (the twin that has regressive autism) seems to be stuck around the age of a 3 year old, while Andrew, the twin that does not have Autism seems right up there around others at his present age.

    Like many families out there.. we have our good and bad days and hanging in there just like everyone else, and so glad we are all still together.

  3. johnljimz1 says:

    these little baby boys are so cute

  4. CindyPDX says:

    Do people ask you or your parents, why you only have this and not your twin?

    I constantly get asked that. I tell them if it can happen to identical twins like Iowa State Senator Daryl Beall’s identical twin grandson’s (one has Autism and not the other) then it can certainly happen to our twin boys that are not identical.

    Thank you for dropping by and watching my video Tshudyb. All the best your way.

  5. tshudyb says:

    I am a twin and I have asperger’s but my twin doesn’t

  6. mom2fivemonkeys says:

    I really like this video, I love how they help each other what a special relationship your sons have. A lightswitch went off when you mentioned the ‘toe walk’ I forgot about that. Aidan perpetually walked on his toes until just reciently but he stil does it sometimes.

  7. mwill42 says:

    Those are some sweet, cute little boys. You are blessed to have them.

  8. kiten2cat12345 says:

    what a sweet video. They are both so cute and wonderful.
    Did you notice that they were born on Harry Potter’s/JK Rowling’s birthday? That is magical

  9. joanaoliveira10993 says:

    hello, good night. your video moved me very much your children are beautiful and i am actually working now in a project on autist children. me and my group are writting a book about our personal experience with the children we have been having contact with. it’s called “neverland” and we are from portugal.
    thanks for your amazing video it was a great contribute. kiss

  10. joanaoliveira10993 says:

    hello, good night. your video moved me very much your children are beautiful and i am actually working now in a project on autist children. me and my group are writting a book about our personal experience with the children we have been having contact with. it’s called “neverland” and we are from portugal.
    thanks for your amazing video it was a great contribute. kiss

  11. fifilaruemissie says:

    Beautiful children.

  12. CindyPDX says:

    Flu Vaccines STILL HAVE MERCURY in them!


    I used to go with the flow, never making waves, but AUTISM broke the camel’s back!


  13. CindyPDX says:

    Read THIS!

    In the 2009 vaccine recommendation, the CDC’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) is pushing for mandatory flu vaccine for children and teens. To keep parental choice in flu vaccine write today to:

    Dr. Larry Pickering
    Senior Advisor
    1600 Clifton Rd; N.E.
    Mailstop: E-05
    Atlanta, GA 30333

    Or by email: acip(AT)cdc(dot)gov
    attn: Antonette Hill

    Also contact your Senators and Congressmen to keep parental choice in the flu vaccines!

  14. jbreezes says:

    The CDC is no longer trustworthy as it is under the Bush Administration & has been keeping info about causes of many chemtrail viruses from public. If you google RSOE alert map & see all of what’s going on planet, you might better know what I mean. Tens of thousands of bats died in NY from mildew around their noses. CDC calls it a symptom. NO LIVING CREATURE’S DNA is programmed to produce mildew as a reaction 2 an invader. Think they’ve been breathing molds known 2B in ct’s while hibernating.

  15. jbreezes says:

    Hi Cindy, if you come across this comment B4 you do your email, please open email I sent you ASAP with helpful info for you. It is from a subscription newsletter and won’t be available for long before it becomes archived and available only for subscribers who have to log in. Good luck. Hope things improve.

  16. CindyPDX says:

    It’s all just more news that makes us wonder… *sigh(

    Anyway, Thank you all so much for viewing the long version of this video. PLEASE see the “SHORT VERSION” of this video (link found in video description) It is really for a good cause.

    There may not be help, full support or a cure for Autism in my son’s lifetime, but HOPEFULLY for future generations there will be!

  17. CindyPDX says:

    The Autism Society of Oregon (ASO) is sponsoring the 6 th annual Autism Walk-a-thon Sunday April 13, 2008 at Oaks Park in Southeast Portland. Oaks Park is located at 7805 SE Oaks Park Way on the East end of the Sellwood Bridge. together in order to support families with children living with autism.
    More found on this at oregonautism(dot)com

  18. CindyPDX says:

    A bit I found today (I’ve lived in OR all my life..) From ASO:

    ASO Boost Autism Awareness Month with Annual Walk-a-thon

    The Center for Disease Control reports that 1 in 150 people have autism. Given this increased rate, autism will soon become the most common disability in the United States. OREGON has the highest rates of autistic diagnoses in the United States. In 2006, the Oregon Department of Education reported 1 in 98 students are on the autism spectrum.

  19. CindyPDX says:

    Jbreezes, I thought that might have been what caused this.. but I’m not so sure. It’s just so hard to understand why one twin boy is not affected (Andrew), while the other twin boy (Cameron) gradually slipped away from us. BTW, in the pics, when you see Andrew holding Cameron’s face to the camera so we could take pics, ANDREW did this on his own accord… we never asked Andrew to help his brother.

    Our journey is just beginning into this unknown world of Autism.

    **Thank you for watching**

  20. jbreezes says:

    Sweet and beautiful. Did the autism start shortly after vaccinations?

  21. CindyPDX says:

    Thank you for your kind comments slmdj & kevinfruet! Bless you both!
    Please be sure to watch the SHORT VERSION of this video on “Five for Fighting – What Kind of World Do You Want?” website. Every time the video is viewed there, it generates a donation towards “Autism Speaks Charity” – and partly why I created this video of Cameron (see video info for link )
    **thank you so much for watching!**
    Cindy, Chris & the twins

  22. kevinfruet says:

    Wonderful boys!
    God bless you all!

  23. slmdj says:

    Wish you and the boys the best. In our small boy scout group we have two autistic boys, they do pretty well both will make eagle.

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