video οf 1st attempt аt using written word flashcards tο teach speech tο zoe wһο presently ѕауѕ οחƖу 4-5 words

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16 Responses to “zoe learning communication session 1”
  1. AutisticWhoLives4God says:

    That was awesome. She’s not stupid at all. I bet she was antsy to move because she wanted to show that she understood.

  2. therealDooDooBrown says:

    Zoe may not be a “typical child” but who cares, shes happy and beautiful and you’re great with her! Society is too hung up on NORMAL. I think letting her be who she needs to be is the best way to go. What a gorgeous child!

  3. GingerAutie says:

    To Robveijndhoven:

    I agree.

  4. Robveijndhoven says:

    As an Autist, an Asperger, I am of the opinion (and I feel I should let you know) that ABA is… Not effective and you shouldn’t put a child through it (Send me a message if you want to discuss my reasoning, too long for a comment)

    However, I do agree she’s incredibly bright. When I saw the pattern she made with those bottles in the other video, I lost myself in it. It’s very intricate, extremely high pattern recognition there.

  5. sadafslp says:

    cute video …..lovely

  6. cedarmcox says:

    Hahaahahahaaa!!!! Oh my gosh, that is US!! Tonight we were at a friends house, and our little guy picks up a book and he is looking at it, turning the pages, then he gets up and takes the book to the dog. There was a dog in the book, then he says “woof”. I about wet myself. I love this vid!!

  7. aurugby1 says:

    I am one of Zoe’s ABA/VB therapists and I’m almost positive that she can read and has “hyperlexia.” She has always been interested in letters and we use her motivation for this to help teach her to communicate. She’s such a bright young girl….and stylish too! :) See ya tomorrow!! :) Shauna

  8. rjdrowley says:

    thankyou for sharing this. I have a severely Autistic sister and when a moment like that occurs it its simply amazing, it makes everything seem that much more worth it. It brings a tear to your eye. Thankyou.

  9. drooooopy says:

    “sight reading” (seeing word shapes) is reading. I taught myself to read that way unawares to anyone when I was 2 years old. I was able to read some fairly complext volumes (teating the boooks up and appearing to ‘mimmick’ the act of reading as I wwent) by age 7. I was 11 before I realized there was an alphabet and it had anything to do with the act of reading. I was very nearly 30 before anyone realized I could do any of this. There is no telling what she really knows.

  10. tiffanyb4 says:

    shes like mom i dont wanna do cards i wanna go to the fish leave me alone LOL you do really see the click in her face when she is looking at the card and the fish!

  11. philcommander says:

    and i love how she is looking at the fish and then looking at the card again. making that connection!

  12. philcommander says:

    yes, im sure she recognizes them when she sees them. she knows what the words look like. shes not actually reading but that doesnt matter at all. the point is she is learning words visually so that when she hears them in conversation they stand out which helps her follow conversations better.

  13. sageyrudman says:

    now that i watched it seems like you are right..i wonder sometimes if she can read some words??

  14. philcommander says:

    it almost seems that she is somewhat compliant until she sees the word ‘fish’ and then she just wants to get down and go over to the fish with the card. i could be reading into it but it kinda seems that way. what a powerful video.

  15. philcommander says:

    take a look at this video…she moves a card in order to find the card that says fish! simply amazing the abilities our kids have. you would have sworn she hadnt seen it when mommy showed it to her. zoe is amazing.

  16. momtwo836 says:

    that is wonderful,she is so beautiful

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